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Google to provide virtual learning solution over coronavirus outbreak

Leading tech giant found a way of keeping students’ progress while being away from school


Google to provide virtual learning solution over coronavirus outbreak. Source:

Google announced it will give free access to Hangouts Meet video-conferencing features until July 1, due to coronavirus outbreak. This way, users will be able to put up to 250 people on a Hangouts Meet call and get live-streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within one domain and save records to Google Drive.

When students’ routines are disrupted, many realize how much they actually miss the structure of school, and learning with their teacher. It’s important to maintain that feeling of comfort and safety during a time of uncertainty

Besides, teachers will have the ability to create video discussion sections for students to engage with one another and support their peers. What is more, Google provides a live caption feature to help students who are deaf or hard of hearing read spoken language during the call.


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