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Grab adds food delivery service into its super app

The new GrabFood experience in the Grab app will be tested first in Southeast Singapore

Grab adds food delivery service into its super app. Source:

Grab today announced that it will bring GrabFood, the company’s on-demand food delivery service, into its everyday super app. The new GrabFood experience will be beta-tested in phases, starting with the Southeast region at the end of the month. This milestone strengthens Grab’s position as Southeast Asia’s leading everyday super app and comes just before GrabFood’s first anniversary in Singapore.

In less than a year, GrabFood has become the fastest-growing food delivery service in Singapore, and the fastest-growing business unit within Grab. From May 2018 to March 2019, GrabFood orders grew 25% month-on-month on average. As a result, GrabFood’s F&B merchant-partners saw monthly revenues increase by up to 4x. GrabFood’s fleet of >13,000 delivery-partners in Singapore are also completing 80% more daily jobs and earning much more income than when GrabFood first started.

As an everyday super app, we believe that bringing our services together will unlock the most value for our customers. Today, one in three active Grab transport users in Singapore use GrabFood and this goes to show that food delivery has truly added to consumers’ everyday experiences. As we approach our first anniversary for GrabFood, it’s time for us to bring our fastest-growing service into our everyday super app. This will make for a more seamless user experience and put us in a strong position to drive the multi-billion-dollar food-delivery market forward,
Mr Lim Kell Jay, Co-Chief of Staff and Head of GrabFood Singapore, Grab

Come May, GrabFood will be one with the everyday super app. With this move, GrabFood riders and merchant-partners will also migrate to a new app. The new GrabFood experience will be beta-tested first in Kallang, Marine Parade, Geylang and Bedok at the end of the month. Following which, the beta-test will be open to all neighborhoods in May. Once the island-wide beta roll-out is complete, current GrabFood apps for consumers, riders and merchants will be discontinued.

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