Grab unveils industry-first food fulfillment hub

GrabFood unveils Hawker Hub

Grab unveils industry-first food fulfillment hub. Source:

Grab, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, has unveiled its industry-first food fulfillment hub – GrabFood Hawker Hub – in Singapore. Consumers can now access a great variety of popular hawker food options conveniently on the GrabFood app and hawkers are empowered to tap on the increasing food delivery trend to grow their business.

In operation at five locations across the island city, the five hubs will serve approximately half of Singapore’s commercial and residential areas.

Unlike a central or cloud kitchen, food is prepared by the hawkers themselves at their stalls, and then sent to GrabFood Hawker Hub to be re-distributed to consumers upon ordering. When a customer places an order via GrabFood Hawker Picks, it goes directly to the Hawker Hub where personnel will pack the items for a delivery-partner for pick up and delivery to door.

When the food arrives at the hub, there is no reheating or processing of the items. They are kept in industrial food warmers where temperatures are maintained at 70oC and above, while condiments and staples (such as rice) are categorised at packing stations to minimise confusion. All soup items are also cling-wrapped to minimise spillage during delivery.

In addition, the hawker meals are delivered to consumers within a short timeframe to ensure freshness and quality of the food items.

As an industry-first concept, GrabFood Hawker Hub works as a food fulfillment hub for hawker-partners who are part of GrabFood’s Hawker Picks program. Food is prepared by hawker-partners at their stalls and consolidated at the GrabFood Hawker Hub, before redistribution to GrabFood customers upon ordering.

Grab had put the hawker hub operating model through an impartial food safety audit conducted by INTERCERT, a reputable third party accredited to audit and certify companies for ISO 22000, and secured ISO 22000:2018 certification.

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