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Half of businesses feel selling across other EU markets is challenging

The diversity of regulations across the EU is a barrier to international growth


Half of businesses feel selling across other EU markets is challenging. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, over half of the European online businesses consider cross-border expansion within the EU increasingly difficult.

The EU was once set up to enable free movement of goods, services, capital, and labor between the 28 member states.

Stripe’s report states that among leaders of 500 online European businesses, only a minority understand all regulations that apply to them. And 33% say there are fully confident they are compliant with regulatory standards.

Besides, for over a quarter of respondents regulation and compliance are one of their top 3 challenges. And 23% said the uncertainty around changing rules is a leading business challenge.

The survey highlights that 51% of respondents say that selling into other EU markets is a challenge.

Whether real or perceived, borders remain etched in the European business map, with unharmonized regulations and taxes often the causern

We’ve reported Carrefour has become the first retailer in Europe to combine its loyalty program with Apple Pay for use with Apple Wallet.


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