Here’s how British customers reacted to N26’s closure

N26 has nearly 5 million customers across Europe, with just 200,000 customers in the UK

N26 bank

Here’s how British customers reacted to N26’s closure. Source:

According to LearnBonds, UK customers have struck out at Germany’s N26 bank due to its closure. The Berlin-based bank has been working less than 2 years after opening in Britain.

N26 can no longer operate in the UK with its European license, and that’s why it’s shutting down on 15 April 2020.

Customers slammed the bank’s decision saying it cared more about raising investment and profits, along with advertising campaigns instead of thinking about existing customers.

What is more, N26’s sudden closure damaged business owners’ trust in all digital banks.

German bank launched UK operations in October 2018, more than 2 years after the country voted for Brexit, 5 months before Britain was originally due to leave the EU.

Although we will be leaving the UK, we will continue our mission to radically transform the global banking industry through innovation and the power of technology. This means growing within the European Union, where we recently crossed the 5 million customer mark, building our presence in the US, one of the most attractive global banking markets, and expanding into new countries
Thomas Grosse, chief banking officer at N26


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