Here’s how many Brits use their pet’s names as passwords

Results of the polling on behalf of the NCSC have been released ahead of National Pet Day on Sunday 11 April


Here’s how many Brits use their pet’s names as passwords. Source:

According to the National Cyber Security Centre survey, 15% of British people use their pet’s name to protect accounts.

The report has also found that UK passwords showed they are often made up of things people can easily predict – such as their, family members’ names (14%), a significant date (13%), or their favorite sports team (6%).

6% of the UK admitted using ‘password’ as all or part of their password – meaning millions of accounts could be easily breached by criminals using trial-and-error techniques of common codes.

In the last year, 27% of UK citizens added more than four new password-protected accounts – showing the importance of making them hard to hack.

We’ve reported that over 70% of people use the same passwords for different accounts.


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