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Here’s what Americans think of their personal data privacy control

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Here’s what Americans think of their personal data privacy control. Source:

nCipher Security conducted a study, revealing that 28% of Americans think they have more control over their personal data compared to 2019. Although, 26% of them feel they have less control over personal data privacy or no control at all.

The stakes are getting higher in cybersecurity and data privacy. The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect in January, giving some people a greater sense of control over their personal data. However, privacy and cybersecurity concerns related to the 2020 election are growing as the primaries begin and November inches closer. Meanwhile, biometrics like fingerprints and facial recognition make data even more personal. These factors are sounding alarms for consumers, businesses, and government over the state of cybersecurity and data privacy
Peter Galvin, chief strategy officer at nCipher Security

nCipher Security surveyed more than 1,000 American adults, 46% of which claim to have the same level of control over their personal data as they did a year ago. At the same time, 15% of people surveyed said to have no control over what happens with their personal data.

Meanwhile, 40% of US consumers said their trust is higher when they have an option to delete their data. Furthermore, 41% of them unveiled when they feel in control of their personal data, they have a greater sense of trust. 49% of Americans surveyed said they feel the company is safeguarding their personal data when it uses encryption.



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