How European women purchase cosmetics online

A new study on how European women purchase cosmetics online is presented

How European women purchase cosmetics online. Source:

A study by Photoslurp and Zinklar looks at the cosmetics shopping habits of women in 5 European countries: the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. It shows what motivates them to purchase cosmetics online and how brands can optimize their online shopping journey to fit the customers’ needs, Ecommerce News reports.

The two companies surveyed 1,500 women and found out that cosmetics products are generally not bought weekly or daily, but over the span of months and on a rolling basis. Almost three out of four respondents have bought cosmetics online in the last twelve months.

The UK, France and Italy have the highest share of female consumers who did this, with respectively 85.3, 83.3 and 83%. Compare this with Spain and Germany, where only 60.3 and 57.3% of female consumers bought cosmetics online.

The study also shows that in France, women shop cosmetics online mostly every few months. While in Spain, women do this mostly once or twice a year. And in Italy, one in five female shoppers buy cosmetics online once a month.

In the United Kingdom, Superdrug is the most popular ecommerce websites when it comes to buying cosmetics online, followed by Amazon and eBay. In Spain, Amazon is the most popular shopping destination, followed by Kiko and Maquillalia. In Italy, it’s also Amazon and Kiko who leads the ranks, with Sephora in the third position. In Germany, perfumery chain Douglas, which also wants to offer fashion online, is the most popular one, closely followed by Amazon, while DM ranks third. And in France, the most popular ecommerce website for buying cosmetics is Yves Rocher, followed by Sephora and Nocibe.

When asked which products are bought online regularly, lipstick and masks seem the most popular choices. These are followed by eye shadow, eye-liner, concealer, foundation, and make-up remover. And most respondents say that a sensitive skin product is the most important product feature to have to get a good experience when buying cosmetics online. In the UK, Germany, and France, respondents think cruelty-free products are more important than whether or not it’s for sensitive skin.

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