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How fintech is transforming the insurance industry


How fintech is transforming the insurance industry. Source:

Just to clarify, Fintech is any type of technology that adds ease and convenience to any financial transaction, such as online banking and insurance. One main aspect of it is automation. The platforms that have been created for financial institutions makes it easy for use to do anything, and everything, that used to require a trip down to the brick-and-mortar location.

No longer is that the case. Let us take a deeper look at how Fintech is transforming the insurance industry.

1. Younger Clientele

If you look around while in public you will see how dependent people are upon their mobile devices. Most will not even be aware of their surroundings because of them. This is a benefit when it comes to insurance and Fintech applications. The younger generations have become used to doing everything online, so any platform that offers consumers options to complete everything over the internet will attract younger clientele.

2. Customer Experience

Not only are the young people of the world shifting to online business transactions, but people of the older generations also expect great customer experiences. Fintech offers that in many ways, including the ability to chat online, right then and there. Insurance websites for agents prioritize user-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation, catering to the needs of diverse age groups and ensuring effortless access to financial services. Web designs for these platforms focus on providing intuitive experiences that build trust and promote engagement. If that does not work, you will be given options to contact live insurance agents to help you out.

3. Automation

This was touched on slightly, but it needs to be said again. Automation is one of the most important aspects of Fintech, as well as being one of the scariest for people working in the insurance fields. You are able to go to an online comparison site to shop car insurance. These sites will compare all the insurance carriers that they work with and will give you quotes on the spot. From there, you can follow the links, fill out the application, sign the contract virtually, pay for the premiums, and download your contract. All in a matter of minutes.

4. Speed

While we are on the topic of fast, we should cover how the insurance carriers can speed up the process. The main point was covered above so we will not go into how it can automate the entire process. When you use a comparison site, like MarketWatch, it eliminates any people in the middle that will slow the process down. You go online, type in what you are looking for, and finish the transaction from start to finish on the platform that you have chosen to use.

5. Cost

The important thing to remember is that when you go the traditional route and use a local agent to complete all your transaction, you will pay a higher price because it will include the cost of using the agent. Skipping that part will save you money, save you time, and create a more pleasurable experience because you will not have to wait in an office, hoping your turn comes up soon.

6. Grey hair

That is right, even if you are young the stress of purchasing auto insurance can cause your hair to turn grey. An online platform that is automated will reduce the stress that is common during the process. Grey hair may look great on older members of society, but when young it is not an aspect of aging that you will want to deal with.

We are all finding ourselves in the midst of the technological era, which was spurred on by the global pandemic that has crashed through every nation and continent. The lock downs that occurred has forced us to learn how to shop, and conduct business, in a way that is not considered as being traditional. Online platforms have jumped up overnight, giving us options. That applies to Fintech as well. There is no point in fighting the shift in business transactions, so embrace the easier way of getting, and maintaining, auto insurance.


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