How social media affects students and business communication

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How social media affects students and business communication. Source:

For anyone studying business communication as part of their university education, it has become vital to research how social media has affected this field. Just like everything else about our daily lives, like how we get in touch with each other, where we eat, and how we dress, business communication has also seen many changes because of the rise of social media.

For any student who wants to write an essay on this matter for their university class, the importance of communications in business must be understood through the lens of online platforms. As you can find in many free essay samples media analysis is becoming an important subject to research. It shows how crucial the knowledge of social media communication in business has become. Once you go through such written examples, you will be able to formulate many compelling arguments either in favor of or against this topic for your own essay too.

Effects on student communication

Before we talk about social media importance in business communication, let’s talk about how it affects students these days. It’s clear that it has become a tool for students around the world to communicate with each other, but that’s not all. They are also using such platforms to communicate their ideas with others, leading to the spread of knowledge.

With the power of social media, students can share their work with a global audience. They can also stay updated about world news and give their own input. However, it is important to know that with social media also comes fake news, and fighting fake news has become very important. When students know how to fight fake news, they can utilize social platforms to their best potential. Nevertheless, the value of online platforms where students can reliably connect with not only their friends but also with potential clients and employers, and even reach millions of people, just cannot be denied.

Social media communication in business

Every student working towards a successful entrepreneurial career knows the importance of communications in business. Business communication deals with customer interaction, and what better way is there today to reach out to your customers than via an app that can connect you to millions of people? That is why studying social media importance is key to developing a successful startup these days.

  • Customer interaction

This is the first and foremost reason why social media communication in business has such high value. Not only can companies add their existing customers to their online profiles but also attract new ones. This makes it easier for businesses to reach out to their customers and showcase new products, ask for their reviews, and even handle any complaints.

  • Reputation Management

When a customer has an issue that needs to be resolved, and the company publicly addresses that issue on social media and resolves it, it leads to the generation of goodwill between them and their customers. This is one of the best ways in which the online presence of a company can help out. And because such issues are addressed on public platforms, new customers end up feeling more comfortable doing business with these companies too.

  • Creating an Image

Social media communication is essential these days for businesses to create a positive image for themselves. Customers are no longer just looking for the best t-shirt out there. They are looking for a brand that creates a t-shirt sustainably and shows some social responsibility while doing it. Through the use of social media, many companies have revamped their business communications to showcase their stories and a side that people otherwise would not see.


When it comes to social media communication, especially in terms of businesses, its importance cannot be overlooked anymore. The whole world is using these platforms to reach out to others and share their ideas. For businesses, the same is true as many of them have already moved immense amounts of resources to ensure that their online presence is positive and that they can showcase their products, interact with people, and show the world that they care about their customers.


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