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If you are searching for the perfect candidate to add to your team in 2020, it can be quite difficult to know precisely what to put in the job advert. Creating the ideal advert can be trickier than it might first appear. You want to appear as open and welcoming as possible while also delivering key information about the role. Here are some of the things you should think about.

Focus on Your Existing Staff First

One of the first things you should do is check that your existing staff are content in their current roles. Who knows, you could find that one of them is looking for a fresh start and something new. They could decide to take you up on the new position and then you may not have to find someone new at all.

Even if this doesn’t happen, you should still check in with staff to see how they are doing. A new employee is going to ask their co-workers how they enjoy working at the company. They are more likely to be honest and positive if it is indeed a good place to work. Why not take this as an opportunity to set up some employee benefits if you do not already have a system in place? Using the Zest employee benefits software could be a great way for you to reward your current employees as well as treat a new one to some bonuses on top of their salary.

Check that your existing staff are content in their current roles. Source:

Write a Clear Job Description

Once you have committed to the recruitment process, you need to think about crafting the advert itself. One of the most crucial parts of this will be the job description and the personal profile. These are where you layout what your ideal candidate would look like.

Many people decide to apply for jobs that they are not 100% qualified for, so chances are that you are going to get a mixed bag of applications anyway. The job description is just a chance for you to state precisely what you are searching for as an employer. Try to be as clear as possible in this section and write examples of tasks they are likely to perform around the office. A potential candidate can be a lot more enthusiastic about a job if they know what they are getting themselves in for.
When listing the skills you would like people to have, make sure you separate them into “essentials” and “desirables”. This will be one of the best ways to help you sift through applications to find candidates who are worth interviewing, and ones who you can automatically rule out.

Keep the Advert Succinct

When the job description has been worked out, you can get the actual advert prepared. Every advert comes with a short statement not too dissimilar from a cover letter. This is the opening pitch where you get to entice potential candidates and get them interested in viewing the job description.

Make sure it is succinct and describes the role you are offering briefly. This is also the moment where you might want to list some of the company benefits and other things a candidate could receive if their application was successful.

Gen Z

Try to keep it simple and above all professional. Source:

Try to keep it simple and above all professional. Avoid casual slang as it can look messy and unprofessional instead of cool, no doubt the vibe you wanted to give off. Save that for any interviews. An advert should always stay as business-like as possible for as long as possible.

Push Engagement Up

You also need to make sure that the advert is getting viewed enough to pull in the right group of potential candidates. If you are limited to a certain portal for collecting applications, there is still no reason why you cannot post the advert to multiple job sites to build up engagement.

Nowadays, social media is also a fantastic tool for finding new candidates. Even announcing that you are hiring could collect you a great pool of candidates if you have the right social media to garner a following. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have built-in job application software so you can easily collect applications and CVs from candidates. One of these sites might be perfect for getting you the ideal candidate for your position.

Get started on that job advert today. Though they can be awful to write, the way you present your company is crucial if you want a great selection of talent to pull from. Take the time to make an advert that reflects your company and the work you do in the best possible light. With the right set of benefits backing it up, you should have no trouble attracting the ideal candidate to the new role within your company. The time is right to find your perfect candidate now!


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