How to improve disabled people’s online shopping – research

Scope’s analysis says the aggregate value of disabled people’s spending power is almost €320 billion

Disabled people

How to improve disabled people’s online shopping – research. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Scope, the UK disability charity has started a campaign to make retailers aware of digital exclusion. ‘The Big Hack’ campaign aims to enhance the digital world for disabled people. Since many of them can’t shop properly, Scope wants to eliminate the barriers disabled people face.

For instance, if someone’s eyes are very sensitive to light, it could help to invert the screen on a device.

However, if an online shop doesn’t use clear contrasting colors, it becomes impossible to read. What is more, many users will be unable to shop if the app doesn’t let to enlarge the text on the screen.

I’d imagine [companies don’t have websites adapted for disabled people] because designers, and their managers, simply don’t register issues like those Scope raises. And that’s because they don’t encounter people whose disabilities make online shopping difficult for them
James Moore, columnist for The Independent and a wheelchair user

This way, Scope has suggested 5 simple fixes for online retailer’s websites and apps. Firstly, videos should include captions, making it easier to understand its sense. What is more, ensuring displays with feature color-contrasting text and background, would also have a positive impact on the shopping ability of disabled people. In addition to that, the descriptions should be written in simple language. Finally, retailers should avoid cluttered layouts and make buttons look descriptive and big.


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