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Find out how to shop on ASOS, popular British online store


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The British online store ASOS is known as the best fashion shopping site in the UK and overseas. Positioning itself as a “global online community of fashion lovers”, it has built a loyal customer base across the world. In fact, more than half of its clients order goods from across the border. This article offers a short guide on the ASOS platform and its shopping rules.

A bit of history

ASOS meaning “As Seen On Screen” was founded in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. The initial idea was to sell elegant and stylish fashion items similar to those seen on TV. It grew popular since so many people wanted to look like their favorite movie stars. However, the business soon outgrew copying celebrities and has greatly evolved over the years.

Today, the platform helps to embrace diversity and aims to maintain a sense of positive body image in its customers. Thus, ASOS brands are presented in more than 30 sizes that are sold at the same price. They also partner with GLAAD, one of the biggest voices in LGBTQ activism, on a gender-neutral collection.

ASOS also helps to discover new talents. An annual competition searches for the most prospective entrepreneurial young brands in the world of fashion. Two winners receive £50,000 of investment and mentoring from ASOS experts and the winning collections get sold on ASOS for two seasons straight.

In 2010, ASOS Marketplace was created. It focuses on vintage boutiques and independent brands that create and sell one-of-a-kind items. It is now home to 800+ small businesses from over 50 countries.


In total, ASOS has 168 suppliers who use 713 factories around the world. Source:

In total, ASOS has 168 suppliers who use 713 factories around the world.

Shopping step-by-step

If you want to buy from ASOS, create an account first.

  • You can use this link to sign up and you’ll have the option of creating your account using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your email address.
  • If you choose social media, you’ll be asked to log in to your social account. Once you’ve logged in and followed the on-screen instructions, you’ll have to confirm a few contact details. When registering with e-mail, you need to fill in your first and last names, DOB and gender, and then choose a password.
  • When you’ve entered all of your information, click ‘Complete Account’ and you’re ready to shop.

You can also download a mobile app from Google Play or App Store. You’ll get access to all the general listings, but not the vintage items from ASOS Marketplace. Those offers are available only from the desktop version.

Shopping itself is quite similar to any e-commerce experience.

You can choose either male or female fashion items. Those are further categorized into casual wear, sports clothing, seasonal collections, etc. ASOS also sells face & body care supplies, home accessories, and gifts including gift certificates.


You can choose either male or female fashion items on ASOS. Source:

Clients can check the newest collections, as well as outlet items and those on sale to find the best deals. They can also sort listings by brand, style, color, size, or body type (like clothing for pregnant women, tall people, plus size, etc.)

If you’re not sure about the size, a simple calculator that uses your height and weight to predict the best fit can help you. To be more precise the sizing tool will ask you for info regarding your belly, hips, chest or bra size, etc. If you don’t know the exact numbers, don’t worry. For most of the questions, choosing a thin, regular, or wider option is enough. The fit assistant also uses your age, the usual size you buy from famous fashion brands, and some more details. You can either fill all the info or skip some parts. If you fill the details at least partially once, the tool will automatically suggest the right size for your new purchases. You can also change the details as your body changes.

Another online tool – Style Match is designed to help you find the right style. You can upload a picture from your photo library or snap one and the web-resource will find the product in the picture or recommend something similar.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can add an item to the cart and proceed to the checkout stage. The cart is temporary storage, the added items will hold only for an hour, so don’t use it as a favorites list.

Payments & delivery

The available payment methods vary from country to country. The most common are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, and Visa Electron. In many European countries, popular solutions like Klarna, Sofort, iDEAL, etc. apply as well. In some countries, like Switzerland or Finland, you can use Apple Pay both in-app and in the desktop version.


There are a few “try before you buy” options available in selected ASOS markets. Source:

In many regions, there is a 10% discount for students who’ll need to provide their student e-mail for verification.

There are a few “try before you buy” options available in selected countries. For instance, Klarna Invoicing is available to all customers with a billing address registered in Austria or Norway. Afterpay is a payment method that allows you to buy now and pay later in New Zealand.

As for delivery, ASOS has standard and express options. The standard terms are about a week or two, while the express delivery can bring you goods on the next working day. While the standard option may be free for items exceeding a certain cost, the express one is always payable and more expensive. There’s also delivery on a nominated day where you can choose the exact date of delivery.

Premier Delivery gives you free delivery all year round. It’s available for customers in the Republic of Ireland for €18.99 a year.

Once you’ve entered your delivery address, you’ll be able to see the available delivery services. Your order will be sent out via the most suitable carrier, dependent on size and weight.

Tracking is available on some Standard Delivery services and on all Express Delivery services. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email from the warehouse with a tracking link for your parcel.

The return of items is free for the first 28 days as long as the item is in its original condition. You can also return goods within a 45-days term. In that case, you’ll receive a gift voucher for the sum you spent instead of a monetary return. Please note – you’ll need to cover the postage and any relevant duty costs yourself.


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