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How to shop on

The guide on how to purchase items from

How to shop on

How to shop on Source:

As we’ve previously mentioned, reached $29B total sales volume in their anniversary sale, which took place on 18 June 2019. Last year’s sales reached the $29.2B mark, and both new products and the heightened interest of shoppers were the main reason for such a success.

PaySpace Magazine has decided to commemorate this event with a guide on how to buy items from

What is JD is a Chinese online e-commerce company with a headquarters in Beijing. JD is one of the largest Chinese B2C online retailers, second only to Alibaba (by transaction volume and revenue). Apparently, is a major competitor of Alibaba (with its Taobao, Tmall, and Aliexpress).

Advantages of can’t usually offer a vast range of items for cheap prices as Taobao/Tmall do, but anyway, it has a few perks. First, almost all goods sold on are usually genuine. It is indisputable that Alibaba is one of the biggest online e-commerce sites. Nevertheless, it is infamous for its fake or counterfeit products. There was one notorious case, where a woman managed to buy designer items from both sites (fake items from Аlibаbа and real ones from Then, the woman returned the fake items to (in order to get a refund), while keeping the true designer goods.

How to shop on is a Chinese online e-commerce company with a headquarters in Beijing. Source:

So, that is how we come to one of the biggest perks of buying things from a generous refund policy. used to own its own stuff, consequently, refund situations raised fewer issues (comparing with Taobao).

What’s more, shipping from is faster as well. This happens due to the fact that has one of the most robust warehouses and logistics infrastructures in China. What conclusion are we to draw? That’s right: next-day or same-day delivery in the largest cities.

And last but not least, is able to offer cash-on-delivery on most of its items. It is a vital issue for some segments of the population (expats, refugees, etc). For example, you’ll have to input a resident ID number if you want to buy something on Таоbао or Тmаll and pay for it with a local card (because they have issues with foreign card acceptance, and usually they only accept Visa, but it can raise some problems too).

How to buy items on

Let’s take a look at the homepage of Basically, it is not that different from most e-commerce platforms. However, one thing can be confusing – it is in Chinese. So, lifehack №1 – use Google translator to find out how to spell what you are looking for (in Chinese search results will be more accurate).

How to shop on

We’ll try to buy a tennis racket as an example. Copy and then paste what the translator translates for you:

How to shop on

Press enter and you will see what the site can offer you. There are some search filters.

How to shop on

These filter checkboxes mean different things, so you should see that everything sells directly can be purchased with the cash-on-delivery method. Some items are presented by third-party salesmen who will only accept bank card or any other online payment option. The red arrow points to the box that says可配送全球 (means ‘deliverable worldwide’), and it is what you probably need.

Once you’ve chosen an item, take your time, don’t hurry. Scroll down the page, read the description, take a look at the pictures, watch different configurations (colors, sizes, etc) of the product, read the comments of other shoppers.

If you have firmly decided to buy the item, then choose the quantity and click the red box. This action will take your product to the shopping cart.

How to shop on

Sometimes the operation can be failed due to the VPN settings, so if you want to buy a thing from please turn it off. If everything is okay, you’re supposed to see this notification:

How to shop on

In brief, it says you’ve successfully added the product to the shopping cart.

When you click the red button, will take you to a page, which shows all the items you have in your cart. If you don’t need anything else, then just skip, and go to the next page. Now you will be dealing with the checkout process.

How to shop on will ask you to log in. If you have never used the site before, click the link that says 注册 (means ‘register’). The process is quite usual. You need to invent and put in your password and enter a valid phone number. Then you’ll receive a message with a code in order to verify your identity.

How to shop on

The next step is to fill in your address. Normally, doesn’t accept English or any other name, so in “receiver’s name” box you will have to input you “Chinese name”, which you can just make up.  Name, address, email, and phone number is everything you need to input.

How to shop on

The final stage is to check and double-check all the details. Make sure you’ve chosen Jingdong Distribution (京东配送), if there was such an option. You can also order a phone call from the delivery guy, and set a preferred time of delivery.

If everything is right, you’ll just accomplish this process, and confirm the operation. You are supposed to see something like this:

How to shop on

Anyway, whatever is written on the notification, a green tick is always a good sign.

Have a good shopping day, and be attentive!

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