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How UK uses digital technologies to fight COVID-19

The NHS is leveraging digital technologies, they include data sharing, a new digital platform, and virtual smartcards


How UK uses digital technologies to fight COVID-19. Source:

According to GlobalData, COVID-19 forced the UK National Health Service (NHS) to rapidly adapt its digital stance in order to make a response.

The report found that digital shifts are a good way for Information Communication Technology (ICT) suppliers to demonstrate their capabilities. Besides, they also provide an opportunity to create blueprints for other healthcare providers.

The UK is accelerating the development of ICT innovations such as virtual smartcards, digital passports, and contact tracing apps to assist in the national response. While some may be limited in their use cases outside of the pandemic, others are benefitting from the increased attention
Jonathan Cordwell, Principal Analyst, UK Health & Social Care Technology at GlobalData 

In January, the UK government announced £40 million of investment to decrease the amount of time wasted with staff accessing information and communications technology systems.

The report also stated that NHS Digital recently procured a virtual smartcard solution with Isosec, aimed to do just that, and expected to be vital in the hospitals across the country.

It has been highlighted that the collaboration between tech giants Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as AI specialist Faculty and big data analytics Palantir, showed significant impacts in the UK. This way, the resulting data platform will help the NHS to efficiently deploy staff and equipment during the pandemic.

At the same time, sharing confidential patient information for disease surveillance will significantly help the UK’s fight against COVID-19. However, it could also potentially leave the system vulnerable to cyberattacks, misuse, or negligence.

We’ve reported that the global healthcare sector has faced the range of cyberattacks as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.


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