Indian crypto exchange launched NFT marketplace

Creators in India can also auction and earn royalty from their digital assets over the NFT marketplace


Indian crypto exchange launched NFT marketplace. Source:

WazirX has introduced one of the first NFT marketplaces in India. Now, people who want to trade intellectual properties and digital assets such as audio files, programs, art pieces, and tweets can do so seamlessly.

Customers will not be charged to list their NFTs on the platform. However, the platform is built on blockchains that charge a gas fee to the miners in different currencies. This could be canceled soon, making it more effective for creators and artists.

NFT is a non-fungible asset. This means that it cannot be replaced with an identical platform neither can copies be created after purchase. This makes it a unique asset for the consumers. For anyone looking for intellectual property that cannot be imitated, NFT is the logical asset.

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