Instagram is set to double down on video ahead of 2022


Instagram is set to double down on video ahead of 2022. Source:

Instagram looks to rethink what they offer especially with the rapid changes occurring globally. Outlined by the company’s head, Adam Mosseri, this includes focusing more on reels.

Instagram plans on consolidating all its video products around reels and focus more on growing the said product. In the last few of 2021, the brand has been making changes to some of its products. In October, the company changed the IGTV product and introduced long-form videos. Users, however, are required to tap through the reel to access the complete video.

The company will also unveil more monetization tools and increase transparency in 2022. And being the major way in which people relay information online, Instagram will focus more on messaging.

Instagram will also increase controls. The company plans on adding parental controls in March. Users will also enjoy a chronological feed that will be returned in the coming year.

The platform has made other updates this year that will help users have more control over their experience on the app. Some of these include sensitive content control, hide words in direct messages and hide the like counts.

Despite a successful year, the app has also experienced various challenges. For instance, the Instagram Kids app was shelved due to security issues. Facebook/ Meta was aware of the impacts that Instagram can have on teens’ mental health. The platform will, however, allow third-party researchers access to their data to allow them to make feasible conclusions about its effects on young people’s wellbeing.

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