Japan is testing driverless buses with facial recognition

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is piloting the new solution across the country

facial recognition

Japan is testing driverless buses with facial recognition. Source:

Japan Today reports that bus passengers across Japan are testing self-driving buses equipped with facial recognition ticketing systems.

The new technology allows passengers to pay for their tickets via ‘face pass’ while boarding.

The data states that sensors sync with traffic information and geographic information systems through 5G.

For instance, the Hyogo Prefecture leg has just wrapped up in Mita City. A 6-kilometer route had been run completely without a human driver between late July and late August.

However, it was almost completely without a human. A minor software issue required a human to take over for about 4 days of the trial run.

Meanwhile, of the 1,306 passengers who rode the route, half said it was as good as a human-driven bus when it came to accelerating and turning smoothly.

But when it came to stopping, more than half of the passengers described it as “bad” while only a quarter called it as good as a human.

We’ve reported that Oxbotica, a global leader in autonomous vehicle software, and Cisco have announced a partnership. They aim to show how OpenRoaming can unlock the potential of fully-connected autonomous vehicle fleets, enabling secure sharing of high-volume data while on the move.


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