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JCB partners fintech startup on cardless cash advance service

JCB and SOCASH in discussion to collaborate on a New Cardless Cash Advance Service in locations without ATMs

JCB partners fintech startup on cardless cash advance service. Source:

JCB, a leading payment card issuer and acquirer in Japan, has started discussing a new cardless cash advance service in collaboration with SOCASH, the Singapore headquartered Fintech startup. The planned service adds convenience to Japanese tourists visiting popular locations in Southeast Asian countries.

SOCASH converts retailers into a network of ‘virtual ATMs’. The goal is to enable safe and convenient access to cash without the need for an ATM visit. Using the app, consumers can withdraw money from their accounts anytime at the cash register of a convenience store or other retail outlet without having plastic cards. When users enter the amount of cash and choose the merchant name on their smartphones and have a QR code displayed on the smartphone scanned at the cash register or scan a QR code displayed by the merchant, the transaction is authorized by the bank and they can receive cash.

Since the launch of this service in March 2018, the users of SOCASH reached over 130,000 among a population of 5.6 million in Singapore, and processed over 1.5 million transactions with 1,400 merchants in partnership. The company is now expanding to other ASEAN markets including Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


JCB collaborates with SOCASH for the first time among major international card brands. JCB and SOCASH seek to enhance convenience for JCB cardmembers with this app when they travel overseas and may need access to cash. JCB cardmembers register their credit card information using their smartphones to use cash advance service without their cards at locations other than ATMs. Also, JCB and SOCASH are considering high-security measures for this cash advance service with this smartphone app, including adopting secure authentication methods, to allow cardmembers to use it with reliability and security. With regard to locations for providing services, hotels are also being considered in addition to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Currently, JCB and SOCASH are planning to start this service outside Japan after spring 2020.

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