News reveals customers’ behavior change with the quarantine easing

The research conducted by JD shows that people are going outside for more outdoor activities as COVID-19 restrictions are easing

JD reveals customers’ behavior change with the quarantine easing. Source:

The JD Big Data Research Institute revealed that sales of automotive supplies on the platform grew by over 140%. In addition to that, tires, gasoline, automobile data recorders, motorcycles, and in-car mats are gaining significant popularity.

Besides, other car products faced high growth in sales as well. This way, car refrigerators increased by 302%, whereas sales of GPS rose by 241%. At the same time sales of car maintenance-related products and services have grown by more than 180%.

The report also found that people starting outdoor sports as the epidemic has ebbed across China.

For instance, cycling related products, fishing supplies, sportswear, and other related stuff more than doubled since last month.

Sale of sports shoes and bags increased by 73%, outdoor shoes and clothing grew by 72%. Sports protective equipment and sporting goods sales boosted by 65% and 47%, respectively. Along with that, since the previous month, sales of fishing supplies increased by 155%.

The report also found that male consumers have a stronger demand for spring outing products.




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