Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar

Here’s how you can spend your quarantine time well, learning blockchain and fintech at these courses

Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar

Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar. Source:

PaySpace magazine editors also feel bad about being barricaded at home, and we all know that it’s hard sometimes to find reasonable and useful application for your free time. On the other hand, you can try to accept such a situation philosophically and derive maximum benefit from it. So, if you think you’ve got a lot of time to waste, then maybe you can consider interesting and quality online courses.

Best fintech and blockchain courses for quarantine

Blockchain courses

Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar

Blockchain courses. Source:

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

This course is offered by Udemy, and it an exceptional option for beginners. As the name implies, the course introduces you with blockchain and crypto basic things, including bestselling videos and accompanying PDF glossary.

Thus, after accomplishing this course you will have an understanding of what blockchain technology is, what Bitcoin is, and will be familiar with the crypto-related glossary.

3 hours of video content and 1 extensive article will cost you just $19, given the fact that Udemy offers big sales now (up to 90%), and according to the official site, the old price was $94,99.

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

This is another good course by Udemy, but unlike the previous one, it is dedicated to Ethereum.

According to authors of the course, they would be able to explain to you why engineers would want to create an app with Ethereum, how to create robust apps using the Ethereum Blockchain, how to use the latest Ethereum tools and libraries, and you’ll also be able to see practical examples of the blockchain use.

As of today, the price of this course is just $19 since this course also falls into the sales category.

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

This course is also introduced by Udemy, and it will tell you about key Blockchain concepts. The course consists of 14,5 hours of video and 11 articles.

The three major modules are:

  • Module 1: How to build a Blockchain – we’ll start at the very beginning
  • Module 2: How to create a Cryptocurrency – the next step of your journey
  • Module 3: How to create a Smart Contract – Let’s cross the finish line

You can become a blockchain expert for a fair price of $19 (given the fact that before sales its initial price was $200).

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Become a Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity

Udemy never ceases to surprise, especially when it comes to generosity and diversity. This course will help you to develop your first decentralized application from scratch on the Ethereum blockchain.

Watching 17 hours of video and reading 8 specialized articles will help you to understand the basic philosophy behind the blockchain and distributed/decentralized apps. This course fits those, who ever wondered about the basics of how a blockchain generally works. Moreover, it will explain to you how to develop a distributed application, from creating a blank project to deploying it in production.

Udemy still has sales season, so this course costs just $19 (the initial price is $195).

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity

If you ever wanted to become an Ethereum blockchain developer with just one course, then this option 100% fits you. You will learn about Solidity, Web3.JS, Truffle, Metamask, and Remix for just $19 thanks to Udemy.

If you still want to add ‘Blockchain Developer’ to your resume, and be actual blockchain app developer, then it is your choice. Moreover, you’ll also be told about smart contracts, the core development functions of Ethereum, and much more.

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

At this time, Udemy offers you to have your own, fully functional, blockchain prototype for $19 and 8 hours of video (along with 5 articles).

This course will give you an understanding of how the code behind blockchain technology functions, and will also explain you why blockchain technology is secure and how a decentralized blockchain network works.

Thus, the course creators believe that coding out your own Blockchain and decentralized network in the JavaScript programming language is not that hard.

Special offer is valid till 30.04.2020 (also available all year round)

Bitcoin & Ethereum CryptoCurrency Course (2 Course Bundle)

Another cool course by Udemy offers you to learn Futurist Bitcoin & Ethereum cryptocurrency along with basics to advance Bitcoin & Ethereum cryptocurrency trading.

This course promises you to teach you to earn, meaning finding ways of how to get free Ethereum or Bitcoin. You’ll also find out about crypto trading on charts, and get a better understanding of Ethereum & Bitcoin both practical and theoretical sides.

If you have recently asked yourself “Who is buying crypto” and “Why people own it”, then this purchase at the cost of 19$ (the price of the course) can become the best investment in your life.

Available all year round

Introduction to Blockchain Technologies

Coursera will try you to figure out the limitations of the Internet for business and economic activity, and how trust is established in a pre- and post-blockchain world. This free course also offers you help with such terms as miner, hash, nonce, proof-of-work, and public key cryptography, as well as the steps of a blockchain transaction.

You should choose this option if you want to be able to describe seven design principles for blockchain technology, and the challenges developers face.

According to receptions and feedbacks, this course is normally accomplished in 19 hours.

Available all year round

Transacting on the Blockchain

Transacting on the blockchain is another decent free course by Coursera. This course will tell you that large intermediaries establish trust in our economy and control the movement, storage, and allocation of money and assets nowadays, and cryptoassets, smart contracts, new identity systems, and new financial business models can help overcome the arising issues.

Thus, you have to choose this course if you want to be able to describe major types of cryptoassets, explain what it means to “tokenize” an asset, and explain what a smart contract is and how it can be applied. The course normally takes 11 hours.

Available all year round

Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

This course by edX helps to understand exactly what a blockchain is, and its impact and potential for change around the world. You’ll also be offered to analyze use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions.

If you want to know what a blockchain is, how blockchain is applied to all aspects of business, see the practical use of the technology, and find out about the concept of transparent ledgers, then don’t hesitate to check this course out.

Basically, this course is free, but you should keep in mind adding a verified certificate, which is not free ($199).

This course is quite an extensive one, so it will take 14 weeks for you to handle it.

Available all year round

Blockchain 360: A State of the Art for Professionals

This comprehensive course by Coursera fits you if you would like to know more about blockchain in just 7 modules (which will take no longer than 3 hours). Digitization is irreversible for most businesses, so it will be useful for you to learn more about it. Choosing this course, you’ll find out that blockchain has a major impact on the design and implementation of digital business processes in many application areas such as Internet of Things, the Smart Grid, supply chain and many more.

Thus, Blockchain 360 is the right way to understand what blockchain is and how can it be applied in different application domains.

Available all year round

Blockchain Basics

Maybe you’ll be surprised, but LinkedIn is not just a business and employment social media. It also offers decent competitive courses, and Blockchain Basics is one of them. Basically, it is an introductory-level course, which will tell you the basics of blockchain.

On the other hand, Blockchain Basics is also intended to describe some of the current challenges with the Internet, including existing risks and security problems such as identity management, and even more (online databases, Bitcoin, etc).

The price of the course is 33 euro, but it is possible to get 1 month free trial subscription.

Fintech courses

Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar

Fintech courses. Source:

Starts on April 22

Oxford FinTech Programme

This 8-week program is offered by Said Business School, University of Oxford, and is aimed at FinTech learning. It includes the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Fintech
  • Module 2: Tools for innovators
  • Module 3: The future of money
  • Module 4: The future of markets
  • Module 5: The future of marketplaces
  • Module 6: Infrastructure and Regtech
  • Module 7: Proptech and real estate innovation
  • Module 8: Frontiers of financial innovation

After this course, they promise you’ll be able to draft, strategize and create problematic FinTech advancements utilizing suitable apparatuses and systems.

The course costs £2,650.

Available all year round

FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation And Regulation Specialization (Coursera)

The Coursera’s course lasts approximately 4 months and is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The course creators claim it covers everything you need to know to start a career in FinTech, and it is not just one course, it’s a bundle of 4 courses:

  • Course 1: FinTech Foundations and Overview
  • Course 2: FinTech Security and Regulation (RegTech)
  • Course 3: FinTech Risk Management
  • Course 4: FinTech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society

The price of this course still TBA, but Coursera normally offers discounts and “join course for free” options. Moreover, they promise to give you a 7-days free trial.

Available all year round

Introduction to FinTech

Introduction to FinTech by edX is a good chance to learn from leading academics and practitioners from around the world about the innovations, technology and regulation driving the transformation of finance.

This 6-week course will help you to learn about the major areas in FinTech, major technological trends (crypto-related stuff, Blockchain, and AI), how regulations and RegTech are applied, and much more.

As of today, the course is free of charge, but as usual, the verified certificate costs $199.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is FinTech?
  • Module 2: Payments, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Module 3: Digital Finance and Alternative Finance
  • Module 4: FinTech Regulation and RegTech
  • Module 5: Data & TechFin
  • Module 6: The Future of Data-Driven Finance

Available all year round

FinTech Ethics and Risks

FinTech Ethics and Risks is another decent course by edX. Here, you will find out how individuals and organizations can utilize and regulate blockchain, AI, and other FinTech solutions to ensure their adoption does not come at the expense of societal growth. On the other hand, you’ll also learn about RegTech, crowdfunding, and P2P lending.

The course per se is free, but edX verified certificate costs $199.

Available all year round

Business Education: Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Udemy offers you to learn cryptography, crypto valuation, ICOs, and Bitcoin mechanism for just $30.

The founders of this course will help you to start or advance your career in Blockchain, explain the mechanics of an ICO, explain you how Blockchain works, explain you the pricing policy of cryptocurrencies, and much more.

After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Blockchain related roles whether it is in financial services, supply chain or other relevant sectors.

Available all year round

FinTech Professional Certificate Program

This course is offered by edX, and it lasts 18 weeks (1-5 hours per week, self-paced). Moreover, the course is conducted by the University of Hong Kong (HKUx), and it is considered one of the best FinTech courses available on the Internet.

The course creators promise you will learn what FinTech is and how it is changing the world of Finance, Understand FinTech, blockchain, Big Data, and cryptocurrency concepts, understand the current scene and find out how to predict future trends.

As of today, the course costs $537 for the full program experience.

Available all year round

The FinTech Foundation Program

This course by CTFE is a relatively small one, and you will be able to accomplish 16 modules in 8 hours (self-paced). We are not sure about its price, but the site offers you a free trial.

The course is about a basic understanding of Financial Technologies and the technologies that are impacting finance. You’ll be demonstrated different models of innovation in finance so you can recognize the opportunities brought by FinTech to the finance industry.


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