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Less than half of businesses will embrace a full return-to-office model

Here’s how many companies are ready to return their employees to offices

hybrid work model

Less than half of businesses will embrace a full return-to-office model. Source:

According to Forrester survey, 70% of US and European companies will pivot to a hybrid work model post-pandemic. In a hybrid model setup, at least some employees can work anywhere they want for two or more days a week while coming into the office on the remaining workdays.

In fact, 55% of US employees say they hope to work from home more often, even after the pandemic ends. In addition, leaders need to consider overall employee sentiment toward vaccination when planning return-to-office strategies.

The data found that 47% of US workers and 54% of European workers believe vaccines will not completely stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Meanwhile, only 39% of US workers and 34% of European workers feel that their employers have a plan in place to provide vaccination.

2/3 of workers in both regions are not comfortable with employers collecting their personal data specific to the pandemic.

The pandemic has taught us that organizations play a bigger role in employee wellness than previously understood. It also reveals how the future of work will be driven by employees having the ability to work anywhere. By shifting conversations to focus on the working environments that best suit employees' needs moving forward, organizations can ensure that their employees feel they are being heard and that they have the autonomy and tools to do their jobs effectively
Keith Johnston, VP and group research director at Forrester

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