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LG Electronics to develop robot waiters

 This collaboration is expected to enhance the Korean robotics sector

robo waiters

LG Electronics to develop robot waiters. Source:

LG Electronics has teamed up with the online food delivery app Woowa Brothers and the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA) to develop robot waiters.

This way, LG will lease the robots through Woowa Brothers’ robot rental service. According to information, the company has now 85 robots operating in 68 restaurants in Korea.

The report forecasts that service robots will reach a combined market size of $45.7 billion by the end of 2020.

Meanwhile, KIRIA highlighted that the country’s robot sector has a bright perspective. Overall  Korea will need to have over 30,000 robots in the next decade to become a strong player.

We’ve reported that Sony AI entered into an agreement with avatarin of ANA Group, air transportation services company, to develop remote control robots.


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