London is still the major European fintech center – expert

Last year, the UK saw significant fundraises, accounting for 7 of the 10 largest deals across Europe


London is still the major European fintech center – expert. Source:

Popular British analyst Chris Skinner revealed that global investment in FinTech decreased 28% in 2019 to $35.7 billion. A sharp fall in funding to Chinese FinTechs is claimed to be the main reason for that, he said in his blog.

However, investment increased 25% in North America to $17.3 billion, and 49% in Europe to $8.5 billion, according to the information. North America and Europe received 49% and 24% of total global investment in 2019, respectively.

Last year, there were 86 mega deals (exceeding $100 million in value), compared to 70 deals in 2018. The British expert found that 56% of them occurred in North America, whereas 20% of them were in Europe.

Among the largest deals worldwide were Paytm ($1.7 billion, India), Greensill Capital ($800 million, UK), Chime ($500 million, USA), SoFi ($500 million, USA) and Mission Lane ($500 million, USA).

At the same time, corporate participation in global FinTech investment keeps increasing, boosting to 20% in 2019 from 18% of all deals in 2018.

The UK ranked number one in Europe and second globally with $4.9 billion of investment across 359 deals. The top 5 deals in Europe include Greensill Capital ($800 million, UK), N26 ($470 million, Germany), Klarna ($460 million, Sweden), WeFox ($235 million, Germany) and Checkout ($230 million, UK).


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