Lyft goes green: ride-sharing service plans to use more electric vehicles

Last year Lyft became the first company of its kind to become carbon neutral, and now it expands its Green Cities Initiative

Lyft goes green: ride-sharing service plans to use more electric vehicles. Source:

In 2019, Lyft will work to introduce thousands of electric vehicles onto its platform. Passengers will be able to choose hybrid or electric vehicles through Green Mode – first in Seattle, and then in other parts of the US.

These efforts will provide cleaner transportation options for Lyft riders, and increase net earnings for our driver community. Once adopted widely, EVs hold the promise of making cities more livable by dramatically reducing air pollution

This effort will reduce the emissions created by vehicles on the Lyft platform. Following the commitments we made last year, all EV charging will be covered by 100% renewable electricity.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, EVs produce less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of comparable gasoline-powered vehicles over their lifetime.

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