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McAfee reveals potential risks enterprises could face 

The company surveyed 1000 enterprises in 11 countries while researching anonymized events from 30 million cloud users


McAfee reveals potential risks enterprises could face. Source:

McAfee reported that 79% of the surveyed companies store their private data in the public cloud. The study also showed narrow data distribution across devices and the cloud, pointing to the risky gaps in enterprise security.

52% of companies use cloud services with a prior history of the data breach. The visibility of cloud data, therefore, affects the private data vulnerability when a company uses public cloud service. By replacing the in-house data software, cloud services have presented new risks when companies move their sensitive data to the cloud. Organizations that wish to secure the data migration need to understand where their data is located and how can it be shared.

The report highlighted 4 valuable insights. Firstly, stealth IT expands the enterprise risk as 91% of cloud providers do not encrypt the data. Secondly, personal devices ruin it all as 25% of the surveyed companies allow their data to be downloaded from the gadgets. Thirdly, cloud service collaboration is risky as 10% of sensitive data is shared using a public link. Finally, data protection is on the rise as 30% lack the human resources to secure their SaaS applications.

The force of the cloud is unstoppable, and the dispersion of data creates new opportunities for both growth and risk. Security that is data-centric, creating a spectrum of controls from the device, through the web, into the cloud, and within the cloud provides the opportunity to break the paradigm of yesterday’s network-centric protection that is not sufficient for today’s cloud-first needs
Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president, Cloud Security, McAfee


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