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Meta is eyeing the eye-tracking tech startup AdHawk

Meta is not giving up on its ambitious Metaverse plans: considers buying the VR-related technology startup


While the whole world is tackling pressing issues such as recession, tech giant Meta is looking into the future. As Bloomberg reported, the company is pondering buying AdHawk Microsystems. The startup under consideration develops eye-tracking technology that could be used for virtual reality.

Although the Facebook parental company is the leading seller of VR headsets, AdHawk’s solutions may enhance its gear with a camera-free eye-tracker. Namely, the startup has developed MindLink, smart glasses that can track users’ eye movements to get information on behaviour and neurological health. This compact system is more accurate for field use, being able to capture hundreds of high-quality data points per second. 

The glasses are not designed for entertainment. Moreover, the price tag of $10,000 is not particularly appealing to consumers. However, MindLink suits research purposes excellently and could be useful for Metaverse purposes. 

For instance, Meta may integrate an eye-tracking option into the Meta Quest Pro headset, increasing its precision. The device combines virtual and augmented reality, where data is superimposed on real images. The use of AdHawk’s technology could improve speed and energy efficiency in virtual reality glasses and headsets.


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