Meta Platforms Inc. is changing its stock ticket: here’s when

META has finally made one major adjustment that should’ve been done earlier.


Meta Platforms Inc. is changing its stock ticket: here’s when. Source:

According to Bloomberg, before the market opening on June 9, Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms Inc. will alter its stock ticker to META. Facebook has already made a significant rebranding, switched to META last year, and now changing its FB stock ticker is the final piece of a puzzle.

Thereby, the company completely metamorphoses itself into a META company. The company will be soon available to worldwide traders with the new laconic stock ticker.

Even though the market has fallen by more than 40%, the situation is far cry from perfect, and the regulations are as tough as they come, this immersion was inevitable. META has been trading with the FB stock ticker since they went public in 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg has always been an ardent supporter of the Meta universe and the apps that are associated with it. Hence, the company was forced to change its name from Facebook to META at the end of last year. Meta is changing the stock ticket on a legal basis as another company that wanted to take this ticket has made a change of heart.

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