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MicroStrategy to Launch Bitcoin Lightning Solutions

MicroStrategy, known for its massive Bitcoin holdings, plans to build a Lightning Network-based software-as-a-service platform in 2023

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Lightning

MicroStrategy to Launch Bitcoin Lightning Solutions. Image:

MicroStrategy executive chairman Michael Saylor has shared the company’s plans to develop software and solutions that utilise the Bitcoin Lightning Network next year.

In particular, the proposed solutions may “support” enterprise marketing and cybersecurity for corporate websites. The latter is based on the “Lightning wall” cybersecurity idea. That is a Bitcoin-based paywall that would protect websites from attacks by requiring visitors to deposit Satoshi.

For instance, users who want to access sensitive corporate websites should deposit “100,000 Satoshi” to “guarantee” safe passage. However, the sum returns instantly once the user has finished their visit. Credit cards cannot offer such functionality due to the time delays in refunds.

Additionally, MicroStrategy CMOs could use the Network to encourage customers with additional incentives. Those could include Satoshi rewards for reviews or completing surveys.

The Lightning Network payment protocol based on Bitcoin’s blockchain enables off-chain transactions with enhanced payment throughput and lower transaction fees. Besides, MicroStrategy expects a high speed and simplicity of integration of the Lightning solutions by enterprises.

Mr Saylor has also contemplated the utility of the Lightning version of the “Netscape browse.” He believes someone will come up with a similar solution soon. It will presumably involve “something like” a Lightning wallet that holds dollars and various cryptocurrencies. If such a wallet is created in a non-custodial way, it has the potential to serve 100 million customers.


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