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Money20/20 Europe to showcase industry-leading startups from around the world

Twenty of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, change-makers and risk-takers have been carefully selected to join Money20/20 at this year’s show

Money20/20 Europe, Europe’s largest fintech show taking place in Amsterdam on 7-9 June 2022, will welcome over 6,500 people, including an impressive roster of industry-leading startups from around the world.

Startups have long been at the heart of Money 20/20 with some of the industry’s finest being showcased in the early days, including AirWallex, Stripe, Wise, Plaid, Marqeta and many others. Money 20/20 is the catalyst for the unicorns of the future and a place with endless opportunities for startups to grow, connect, learn, and most importantly, make an impact on the future of fintech.

With over 650 startups joining at this year’s show, Money20/20 has selected 20 from across the globe to spend a bit of time in the spotlight. But this is not your typical startup pitch. So often in the industry, the focus is on the customer and solving the customer’s problem, and as such, the startups’ pitch will focus on the problem they are solving rather than their solution.

This approach enables the audience, future partners, investors, and customers, to understand the real opportunity that awaits. Powerful storytelling, agility, and a killer instinct for tackling the next frontier of fintech are the key to success for these startups, and with 70+ and counting venture funds in attendance, the show is certainly ripe with investment opportunities.

Money20/20 was created by the industry for the industry and startups are a core piece of that puzzle. As a recovering entrepreneur myself, with many former entrepreneurs on our team, startups are a big part of what motivates us to get up every day to try and put on the best show possible. We feel passionate that across our various stages you will find an incredible lineup of startups naturally integrated into our story. We’re placing an important spotlight on an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between, to remind us of the most exciting things happening in the industry and to make a positive difference in our ecosystem
Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Money 20/20

See below some of the companies being showcased at this year’s event that are leading the charge in challenging the status quo:

  • Aazzur (Germany)

Facilitates the exchange of data, messages and transactions.

  • Adiona (United Kingdom)

Disrupting the motor insurance industry by using smart technology and data to deliver motor insurance that’s fair and transparent to drivers.

  • Anthemis (France)

Deploys human, intellectual and financial capital diversely and inclusively to affect change and build resiliency in the financial system.

  • Betaapp (United Kingdom)

Creates interoperability between cash-based economies and Web3 applications. Beta’s platform enables people living in cash-based economies to exchange their own cash for digital assets.

  • Cheqd (United Kingdom)

Provides a secure network that enables individuals and organisations to fully control their personal data.

  • Crystal Blockchain (Holland)

Powers cryptocurrency transaction analysis and monitoring on the blockchain, bringing best-in-class AML compliance and risk management solutions to exchanges, banks, and financial institutions.

  • Fiat Republic (France)

Provides banking API that allows crypti platforms access to crypto-friendly banks and mainstream fiat services.

  • Fincra (Canada)

Provides payments solutions that enable you to accept payments securely, make payouts globally and scale your business across borders.

  • Fintonic (Spain)

Fintonic is a credit expert and financial wellbeing platform, giving access to credit to people based on its IA capabilities, and helps them to save and have everything under control, improving on financial education at the same time.

  • Gibobs (Spain)

Helping customers to understand when is the best moment to request a loan, what to do to obtain the best mortgage and much more.

  • Impact 4 Good (Germany)

Provides a B2B SaaS solution to banks, fund platforms, fund managers, and financial advisors, so they can empower their end investors to become more sustainable.

  • Lifesaver (United Kingdom)

Creating the most engaging and interactive online brand experiences through lightweight and lightning fast 3D/AR formats.

  • Maroo (United States)

Providing a platform that makes it easy to request payments.

  • Net Positive Labs (Spain)

Designs and builds net positive ventures with companies, cities, and entrepreneurs.

  • StarLIX (United Kingdom)

Leverages a tokenised compliance payment platform to help payment institutions streamline end-to-end compliance and payment services.

  • Threedium (United Kingdom)

Creates fast, affordable, and high quality 3D viewers, configurators, 3D ads, and AR solutions.

  • Toqio (Spain)

Enables any business to create data-driven finance propositions that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it.

  • Tuio (Spain)

Provider of a more transparent, more up-to-date, more personal insurance.

  • Wellthi (United States)

Helps organisations build customisable mobile apps and affinity cards that promote group savings goals.

  • Zokyo (Ukraine)

Builds, secures, and funds crypto, DeFi, and NFT companies.

Bringing together the most innovative people in payments, fintech, and the broader money ecosystem, Money20/20 Europe is a showcase for some of the industry’s fastest-growing and biggest household names. With over 6,500 people from over 2,000 companies attending, this year’s event at RAI Amsterdam promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Explore the Money20/20 Europe jam-packed agenda with unmatched content and more exciting speakers here.


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