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Monzo roadmap: mobile-only bank shares its plans for 2019

Check out the list of planned features below

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Monzo roadmap: mobile-only bank shares its plans for 2019. Source:

According to its blog post, Monzo is going to spend the next 12 months testing a host of new ideas.

Here are some of the ideas the teams are exploring at the moment:

  • A simple way to switch bills;
  • A better way to get a mortgage or remortgage with no stress and paperwork;
  • Clearer insurance products;
  • Loyalty schemes, rewards and cash back;
  • Visibility of more of other banks’ accounts in Monzo;
  • More ways to save and invest money;
  • Help building and tracking users’ credit scores.
  • An option to buy add-on services for users’ current accounts.
Over the next few weeks you might see some of these tests and early explorations popping up in your app. We might contact you with questions, or ask you if you want to try something out. If a test is successful we’ll build on the feature or take what we’ve learnt to launch a new version. If it isn’t, we’ll work on something else instead. Your feedback in these early stages is crucial, and will help us understand and prioritise the most impactful, incredible ideas

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