More than 50% of сonsumers were victims of fraud on the web: survey

Despite fraudulent activities on the net, digital activity among customers is on the rise.

More than 50% of сonsumers were victims of fraud on the web: survey. Source:

According to Experian’s Global Identity & Fraud Report, over 50% of respondents were victims of fraud or have acquaintances who suffered from these unspeakable forgeries. 

Despite all the concerns related to fraud and identity theft, consumer growth will see an unprecedented rise in the next 3 months.

Financial transactions have become a part of life for a majority of users. In recent years, this fact has led to more and more users becoming more aware of fraudulent scams.

Security is one of the crucial factors nowadays. When choosing a company, online consumers have a keen eye on the convenience of online transactions and the security of their personal data.

The respondents revealed that if a company protects their digital data and users feel protected, they will trust such a company and work with it on a long-term basis. 

57% of those surveyed would be willing to provide their credentials if it would help strengthen the security of their personal data, and about 75% are waiting to take more drastic measures to protect their personal data.

We`ve reported that the number of customers who feel “financially healthy” dropped.



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