Most of UK retailers do not inform customers about order status

27% of top UK retailers don’t communicate during delivery

Most of UK retailers do not inform customers about order status. Source:

The largest online retailers in the United Kingdom aren’t so keen on communicating with shoppers during the delivery period, Ecommerce News reports. As a matter of fact, only four of the 100 largest online retailers in the country provide customers with personalized information about their order status, while 27 don’t communicate at all during delivery.

This is shown by an extensive study from ParcelLab, which looked at the shipping and delivery process of the top 100 online retailers in the United Kingdom. It looks like ecommerce companies are ignoring the customer once they have clicked on the precious order button.

In the UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2019 it’s shown that 94% of the top 100 online retailers don’t give customers the opportunity to choose between delivery partners. There’s also not much choice when it comes to delivery times. Although 72% offer express delivery, only 7% offer same-day delivery (and not even throughout the country). And only 42% offer weekend delivery, while 25% lets customers pick a timeslot for delivery.

When it comes to shipping fees, only 12% offer free shipping and 65 retailers offer free shipping when a minimum order value (range between 10 and 150 pounds) is met. Online retailers in the United Kingdom who do apply a shipping cost, ask an average of 3.99 pounds for shipping.

After the customer has clicked on the order button, things become quiet. Most online retailers stop directly communicating with their customers. Instead, these customers need to check the order status themselves. Only 11% of the online retailers studied communicate with their customers during the shipping period. The other 89% let the delivery carrier do the communication or just leave their customers in the dark.

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