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N26 revamps its premium memberships: here’s what’s new

N26 relaunches its popular premium memberships N26 Black and N26 Business Black as N26 You and N26 Business You

N26 revamps its premium memberships: here’s what’s new. Source:

Today, the mobile bank N26 announced the launch of its new premium product N26 You and N26 Business You, replacing N26 Black and N26 Business Black. The relaunch offers more personalization and enables customers to experience tailored banking that reflects their daily financial needs.

Customers can now choose from five different colors for their Mastercard – Aqua, Rhubarb, Sand, Slate, and Ocean. On top of this, N26 You customers can customize their N26 app icon and gain access to ten Spaces. This is one of N26’s most popular features, the bank says in a press release.

N26 You also enables travelers to bank without borders and there are no exchange fees when withdrawing cash abroad or making payments in foreign currencies. Furthermore, an insurance package is included, covering foreign medical expenses, flight and luggage delays, as well as coverage in case of cash and mobile phone theft. This insurance will soon include coverage for e-bikes, e-scooters and shared rides.

Customers who would like to choose between different N26 You card colors will soon be able to order an additional card to use with their account.

N26 Business You is designed for freelancers and self-employed individuals. This plan also offers a 0.1 percent cashback on all transactions with N26 Business Mastercard. All advantages of N26 You, such as the choice of card colors and exclusive partner offers, also apply to customers of N26 Business You.

N26 You and N26 Business You are available for €9.90 per month.

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