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Nearly half of German e-commerce revenue generated by 5 firms

5 online players drive the country’s e-commerce

German e-commerce

Nearly half of German e-commerce revenue generated by 5 firms. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, 5 biggest e-commerce players in Germany account for almost half of all revenue generated by the 100 biggest online retailers.

This share is generated by Amazon, Otto, Zalando, Media Markt, and Notebooksbilliger:

  1. – €10.5 billion
  2. Otto – €3.4 billion
  3. Zalando – €1.6 billion
  4. Media Markt – €1.2 billion
  5. Notebooksbilliger – €0.9 billion

The research states that German e-commerce is highly concentrated. It all starts with the 1,000 biggest online stores, whose revenue is generated mostly by the top 100.

And within this group, the big 5 are responsible for 47% having a total revenue of €17.5 billion.

We’ve reported that Adyen and Zalando expand their partnership, as the global payments provider is set to process Zalando’s credit card payments in all European markets.


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