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Nebeus Crypto App Issues Its Debit Card

Nebeus, a financial app for crypto-holders, announced the launch of its first VISA-supported card.


Nebeus announced the launch of the first Nebeus Card backed by VISA. Source:

The Nebeus card is available in all European markets. This decision means that a powerful cryptocurrency platform is starting to get its niche in the crypto banking industry.

The main office of the company is located in Barcelona. Nebeus is engaged in activities to combine crypto and traditional finance. The company provides a financial platform with personal accounts of customers in all EU countries and the UK. User pages are connected to the global crypto ecosystem. Nebeus cash accounts are both traditional bank cells and standard cryptocurrency assets at the same time.

The company’s users are rewarded for cryptocurrency by placing bets and renting out. They can borrow cryptocurrency funds and store digital assets in an insured wallet for free.

The Nebeus debit card complements the company’s financial services. The new solution allows users to spend funds stored in bank accounts without additional procedures. It is also possible to make third-party payments. The card guarantees an unhindered connection to the Nebeus crypto account for transferring money to crypto investments.

Michael Stroev, executive director and head of the product department at Nebeus, said that the new stage in the company’s activities increases the level of availability of digital assets throughout the ecosystem. He also noted that Nebeus is entering a new level of integration and offers a reliable connection of everyday payments with crypto services. Michael Stroev notes that the debit card functionality demonstrates a large-scale relationship between the modern banking system and digital assets.

Nebeus is working on adding the card to Apple Pay and Google Pay. This step will expand the possibilities of customers when making payments. The physical version of the debit card will be released at the end of 2023.

Nebeus also plans to launch a credit line. This solution is aimed at enabling users to make payments around the world without having to sell assets in cryptocurrency.

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