New enterprise solution enables passwordless access to cloud apps

Passwordless authentication has gained interest due to its benefits in simplifying the login experience for users

passwordless access

New enterprise solution enables passwordless access to cloud apps. Source:

Thales launches its first Fast IDentity Online 2.0 (FIDO2) and Microsoft Azure AD tested authentication devices. FIDO 2 enables passwordless access to cloud apps, network domains along with all Azure AD-connected apps and services.

Due to the integration, organizations will be able to move to the cloud safely. Along with that,  it will allow them to apply for secure access via an integrated access authentication offering.

The FIDO Alliance aimed to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. FIDO claims that other authentication methods that replace the password, increase the levels of assurance and convenience.

The data revealed that passwordless authorization surmounts the inherent vulnerabilities of text-based passwords, enabling a higher level of security.

FIDO is increasingly being perceived as a viable passwordless authentication method in the enterprise, especially as Windows 10 and Azure AD adoption rises. However, many organizations are heavily invested in PKI and other authentication schemes which have already delivered on the passwordless value proposition for legacy on-premises apps. This collaboration with Microsoft offers organizations a simple and smooth way to support secure cloud access with a broad range of access management solutions including passwordless FIDO-based authentication
Francois Lasnier, Vice President for Access Management solutions at Thales

Along with that, the technology is compatible with the existing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) authentication practices, meaning that organizations can adopt it without replacing their existing infrastructure. It simplifies organizations’ transition to the cloud.


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