New platform to enable access to thousands of European banks

Volt announces the launch of its Open Banking payments platform

New platform to enable access to thousands of European banks. Source:

Payment service Volt will enable access to more than 4,000 European banks through its single API.

Volt brings together an influential group of payments industry thought leaders, including Chairman of Directors Robert Kraal.

We see Open Banking as a transformative mechanism that will drive a paradigm shift in payments services, and we are excited to be at the vanguard of that change
Robert Kraal, former co-founder of Adyen

Volt will provide a single access point to the range of Open Banking features, enabling users to build unique customer-centric models and offer an optimized customer payments experience.

There are currently 14 European markets connected by Volt, and its API provides access to both established and new age challenger banks, giving merchants and consumers alike access to 99% of the European payments market.

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