New study shows the shopping behavior of children

Children prefer sustainable e-сommerce shops and fast shipping

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New study shows the shopping behavior of children. Source:

The majority of studies on European online customer behavior are focused on adults because they are usually the ones to purchase orders. That’s why Wunderman Thompson Commerce decided to study the less discovered shopping behavior of children, Ecommerce News reports.

According to the study, children are getting more into buying plastic-free products. 1/5 of kids are willing to use ethically conscious shops, but when it comes to the delivery, they’re not that patient.

Shopping behavior

The study shows that children from 6 to 16 defined as Generation Alpha, and 2 out of 3 of them choose mostly environmentally friendly companies. Kids at the age of 13 to 16 tend to be the biggest supporters of eco-conscious e-commerce, choosing recyclable materials instead of plastic.

When it comes to delivery, children appear to be more impatient than adults. The study shows that youngsters are willing to wait 2.23 days, whereas adults are ready to wait for 2.95 days. The representatives aged from 6 to 9 are ready to wait a maximum of 2 days to have their goods delivered.

Tomorrow’s generation of shoppers want it all: a future of sustainable products, delivered even more quickly, exceeding expectations of previous generations. As environmental activism becomes increasingly mainstream across the news and social media, awareness of the issue has skyrocketed. At the same time, however, so too have the needs of a generation increasingly accustomed to immediacy and products ‘on demand’
Hugh Fletcher from Wunderman Thompson Commerce

The study also shows that nearly half of children will share photos of their order once they’ve received it, which might be interesting for online retailers who are ready to invest in social media marketing.

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