All in one card: top 3 solutions on the market

The hottest all in one card solutions on the market compared

all in one card

All in one card: top 3 solutions on the market. Source:

We live in the unique age of multiple fintech solutions for any type of fastidious customer. This article presents an option best suited to those who like the mobility and minimalism, and yet are still fans of traditional bank cards. It may be kind of a niche product, but it still has its fans for particular reasons. Unlike a smartphone or a wearable, this solution won’t ring or send a notification in the middle of a transaction. You won’t either be forced to stop your important conversation while making a payment, or fumble with your bulky wallet. All your cards can be stored in one. A digital smart multi-card has all the advantages of mobile payments and yet preserves the conventional plastic card form. How is that possible?

A multi-card is a smart device in the form of a regular MSR bank card (or very similar to it) that is directly connected to a relevant mobile app able to store and transmit financial and personal data. The cards are typically equipped with a small touchscreen display where the user can choose which of the available cards to use for a transaction.

The top technology developers of these innovative products are:

  • Fuze
  • Curve
  • Stratos
  • One
  • Dynamics Inc. (Wallet Card)
  • Swyp
  • Coin
  • Wocket
  • Plastc
  • Edge

However, many of the providers have failed to implement their inventions successfully. They started selling and then gave up on the idea, or sold it to other companies (Coin, Wocket, Plastc, SWYP, Stratos). The others are only now preparing to launch (Edge, Wallet Card). Hence, if you’re interested in this technology, you can check their offers for future reference.

Below you can find the detailed comparison of the two popular multi cards that are on the market today and the one still awaited.

All in one card: top 3 providers


all in one card

Fuze card. Source:

Price: $129 + $25 for accessories (eCharger and CardReader)
  • It can store Visa, MasterCard or American Express bank cards; membership cards; access and security cards; loyalty cards; and gift cards. The cards can be added via the magnetic reader, barcode scan, or manual card number input.
  • Users can add, manage and sync all kinds of plastic cards with the eCard manager app. It requires Android 5.0 or later or iOS 8.0 or later. It is integrated with connected devices by Bluetooth & NFC technology.
  • Battery life during regular use equals 30 days.
  • E-paper display shows the name of a card which can be changed with the push of a button. Users can select a single card to use when Fuze is out of Bluetooth range which is a measure of additional security in cases when the card is handed down to other people (shop assistants, waiters, etc.).
  • The remote wipe technology allows erasing all your card information via the app if the device is stolen or lost. However, it also has location tracking so that you can see where your smart card is.
  • The card is water resistant.
  • Later this year, the company is planning to launch FuzeX card that will allow users to conduct purchases using virtual currencies.
Max.number of cards stored: 30
Regional availability: USA, Canada, Korea (free shipping). Other countries – $10 per card for each international shipment. The company is able to ship worldwide, but for countries outside the US, depending on your location, you may have to pay VAT/GST.
Drawbacks: Many card readers do not scan the Fuze’s magnetic strip (the non-EMV version). Clients have also complained about the low level of customer support and no-refund policy. Many buyers of older versions faced unexpected technical failures.


all in one card

Curve Card & app. Source:

Price: Curve Blue account is free, Curve Black costs $9.99 or £9.99.
  • Curve Cards support Visa and Mastercard.
  • Customers can spend money abroad without additional exchange fees. The free account has limitations for fee-free foreign transactions up to £500 a month.
  • The service offers fee-free ATM withdrawals abroad as well (limited according to the account plan).
  • Card users are eligible to 1% cashback from selected retailers.
  • The Go Back in Time function allows changing the card used for payment within a 14-day period after purchase.
  • Residents of UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain who own Curve Black receive electronic gadget and worldwide travel insurances for free.
  • If you lose your card, you can freeze it in the app, and unlock it later when you find it again.
  • You can also get a PIN reminder by entering your password or using your fingerprint ID in the app.
  • Once you add your existing cards, you may set a default card.
Max.number of cards stored: There is no information on such limits.
Regional availability: Works in 30 countries within the European Economic Area (EEA).
Drawbacks: Using Curve invalidates Section 75 credit card protection. Users cannot connect American Express Rewards or cashback cards to Curve. There are certain spending limits.

Wallet Card

all in one card

Wallet Card. Source:

Price: TBD. It will likely vary from bank to bank.
  • Wallet Card is a self-contained IoT payment system — no phone or app required.
  • Individual banks will roll out their own Wallet Cards. Customers can then download all their debit, credit, prepaid, multicurrency, one-time-use and loyalty cards issued by that bank onto that Wallet Card.
  • It allows immediate two-way communication between bank and consumer using the card’s telecommunications connection.
  • It has a 65,000-pixel display which shows the information usually printed on the front of a card – name, number, expiration date, security code, etc.
  • According to the press release, it will be equipped with an “organic recharging chip”, meaning that the card “charges itself through normal operation” and can last indefinitely.
  • Consumers could potentially use it at any POS terminal that accepts credit cards.
  • Any card type can be loaded onto the device since it possesses a card-programmable magnetic stripe, EMV chip, and a contactless chip.
Max.number of cards stored: A storage chip can save the information from any number of cards.
Regional availability: You can sign up to be notified when the product will be available in your region here:
Drawbacks: It’s not available yet.

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