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Online mobile store expands further in the UK

It has raised about 135 million euros in Series C funding

Online mobile store expands further in the UK. Source:

Enjoy, an e-commerce startup best described as an online mobile store, has raised about 135 million euros in Series C funding, Ecommerce News reports. With this money, the company wants to further expand in the United Kingdom and launch in new markets.

Enjoy was founded by Ron Johnson, who is a former Apple VP of retail operations. The Silicon Valley-based startup helps companies navigating the shift from brick-and-mortar to ecommerce. It does this by bringing products to online consumers’ doors.

Enjoy partners with companies such as AT&T, Google, Sonos and Magic Leap and delivers their products as soon as two hours after purchase. The consumer decides where and when the Enjoy expert will show up and once he or she is there, the expert will help the consumer set up the device that was just bought.

Last year, the company expanded to 51 cities across the US and this year it launched its delivery service to the United Kingdom. With 135 million euros it just raised, the company wants to fuel the UK expansion and other international growth. It has also launched a partnership with UK mobile network operator EE, which allows the company to serve over 80% of British households by 2020.

Enjoy earns money from its partners, who pay to have their products sold through an online storefront. In return, Enjoy hands over handy information to these companies, like the problems customers face with their setups. This should reduce customer calls to tech support and at the same time increase brand loyalty.

Enjoy will be offered in 11 UK markets by the end of the year. That corresponds to over 60% of the British population. And by 2020, the company is said to reach 80% of the UK population. Enjoy also has plans to expand to at least one other country this year, and additional markets in 2020, but it’s still unknown which markets they are targeting.

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