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Only 9% of UK workers are in their dream job – survey on career switch

In reality, a successful career change is possible at any age

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Only 9% of UK workers are in their dream job – survey on career switch. Source:

7 out of 10 UK workers are stuck in the wrong jobs because the perspective of making a career change seems so hard that they’d rather start a workout, the research revealed.

According to data, 30% of the respondents want to stay in their current career for the long-term. However, only 21% have ever tried to move into a preferred job since they think the time and effort will take to make a career switch.

At the same time, only 9% of UK workers can honestly say they are in their dream job.

In fact, the prospect of dealing with their career development is so frightening that 34% of workers unveil they would rather do circuit training than improve their CV. Meanwhile, 33% would rather go to a personal trainer instead of a career advisor.

The study unveiled that 51% of workers aged 25-54 believe improving their fitness is much easier than bettering their career satisfaction or perspectives.

As to people over 55 that have managed to make career changes, more than four in ten say they did so over the age of 45.

In addition to that, the majority of career changers have revealed the benefits of their decision. For instance, 71% said that it made them happy in general, whereas 60% of them described it as the best thing they’ve ever done.



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