Over 60% of Canadians plan to get vaccinated

The survey was completed by 30,054 Canadian Optimity users across Canada

Canadians vaccine

Over 60% of Canadians plan to get vaccinated. Source:

According to Optimity, 63% of Canadians plan to get the vaccine, compared to 22% that are undecided, and 11% that are not planning to get the vaccine.

Among those not planning to get the vaccine, 41% cited insufficient research as the reason for their decision. Meanwhile 9% have a pre-existing condition that would prevent them from getting the vaccine, and 9% have had allergic reactions to other vaccines.

As 43% of survey respondents believe that all Canadians should be required to take the vaccine, 29% do not believe it should be mandatory.

When asked if Canadians should be given a choice of vaccine based on manufacturer, 53% believe they should be able to choose which vaccine they receive.

This compares to 17% who didn’t think Canadians should be given a choice of vaccine manufacturer, and 30% who were undecided.

If given the choice of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, 20% selected Pfizer–BioNTech, while 16% selected Moderna; 37% did’t indicate a preference. The primary reason cited for selecting a particular manufacturer was that Canada had approved the vaccine (24%).

The insights from our COVID-19 vaccine survey reinforce the need for ongoing consumer education around the vaccine. With so many Canadians still on the fence about taking the vaccine, their ultimate decision can be informed through education by the Canadian government and other healthcare organizations on the safety of the COVID vaccines, what it takes to achieve herd immunity, and other related key topics
Jane Wang, founder and CEO of Optimity Inc.

We’ve reported that Interpol issued a global alert to law enforcement agencies in 194 participating countries to prepare for organized criminality networks targeting COVID-19 vaccines.


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