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Mastercard introduced carbon calculator tool for banks

Over half of customers surveyed across the world consider reducing their carbon footprint as more important now than pre-pandemic


What is a business plan and how to write it?

Grace Johnson Editor Getting ideas onto paper can be difficult. When you’re thinking about an idea that would be perfect as a business, jotting down your ideas can help you reach out, secure funds, and start making connections. Take steps toward getting your foot in the door and start turning your thoughts into reality. What […]

Fintech & Ecommerce


Financial firms need what each other has, whether that’s customers, deposits, innovation, licenses, or trust. To survive and grow post-pandemic, businesses need to partner up. From 19 to 23 April 2021, MoneyFest brings you face to face with the people who have built the most innovative platforms and partnerships, giving you case studies and actionable […]


UnionPay collaborated with US-based payment technology firm

UnionPay International will be integrating Splitit to make it available to its network

Science & Technology

Here’s how many US millennials are going to travel this spring

When choosing accommodation, travelers prefer beach resorts and ocean views

Finance & Economics

Glovo partnered with popular discounter group from Germany

Aldi Nord is expanding its e-commerce division in Spain and Portugal

Science & Technology

Egypt, Italy, US most affected by Facebook data leak

On average, hackers exposed 5 types of data per user

Finance & Economics

Here’s what Nigerians opted for while shopping online amid pandemic

Data, apparel, beauty products, and fast-moving consumer goods showed the highest growth in online activity


Domino’s introduced pizza delivery robot

This option is currently available in Houston, Texas

Society & Lifestyle

Nearly half of Swiss customers aim to shop less after pandemic

A lot of Swiss consumers have permanently changed their shopping behavior due to the pandemic


Flipkart enters into partnership to enhance supply chain infrastructure

The partnership will bring 2,500 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs


Alibaba shares grow in the US amid $2.8B fine

Alibaba’s Hong Hong shares observed a 6.5% rise

Society & Lifestyle

Amazon to cover COVID-19 vaccine cost in India

Amazon India is encouraging all persons over 45 years to receive the jab

Blockchain & Crypto

Revolut now offers 11 new cryptocurrencies

There are over 30 cryptocurrencies already available on Revolut’s trading platform


10 reasons why web designing is booming in 2021

Dan Martin Editor   Good web design is significant for businesses. It impacts a company and its audience in various ways. Firms with an internet presence use good website design to create a good impression. They also use it for SEO to build online trust and attract new leads to a business. Web design as […]

Finance & Economics

How to pay taxes online in Canada

Taxes play an important role in the life of every Canadian family