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Finance & Economics

Human-centered marketing: How to make your clients feel human

Alisa Adamska Author     In the pursuit of efficiency in digital promotion, many enterprises did not consider the human-centered approach as the most important one. However, with COVID-19 global pandemic changing common marketing beliefs and concepts, and technology being the primary conduit for communication and interaction during lockdowns, people increasingly are craving human connection. […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Warren Buffett dumps Visa and Mastercard stocks and puts $1B in Bitcoin-friendly Nubank

Berkshire’s new stake in Nubank shows that Buffett has been relaxing to fintech of late


Ukraine crisis: Five Russian banks and three wealthy individuals hit by UK sanctions on Moscow 

According to News.Sky, the prime minister told the House of Commons it was the “principal tranche” and “first barrage” of measures in light of Russian soldiers moving into two nonconformist areas of Ukraine. He continues, “We hold further authorizes at status to be conveyed,” Mr. Johnson told MPs, as he cautioned of an “extended emergency” […]


Top 10 unicorn startups to watch out for in 2022

There are over 1000 private companies with valuations exceeding 1 billion USD. The unicorn club is getting a new member or two every day. 1. Scandit (Switzerland) Founded: 2009 Became a unicorn: 9 February 2022 Zürich-based smart data capture firm Scandit has seen ARR numbers more than double since May 2020. During the pandemic, Scandit […]

Society & Lifestyle

The evolution of monetization models in the gaming industry

Tonette Pringer Author   Games are like many other forms of art. They are often made by passionate creatives who enjoy playing their craft to tell a story and entertain the people that play them. However, no matter how much fulfilment they get from their work, the fact remains is that they need to be […]

Society & Lifestyle

6 apps for browsing and sorting photos on Android

Jean Hartley Content writer   When your smartphone is used as the main camera, you have to sift photos. Otherwise sooner or later the phone will be swamped with old photos, and there won’t be enough memory for new ones. Many people solve this problem through the standard gallery or “Google Photos”, but their capabilities […]


¿Qué es fintech?

Su reinvención ha hecho que los países adapten sus economías a esos cambios a través de las fintech

Finance & Economics

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Global central banks are paying increasing attention to digital currencies, with a particular focus on the role and function of CBDCs

Finance & Economics

The White Label Expo UK

The White Label World Expo is the UK’s largest event for professional online sellers to meet cutting-edge white label goods suppliers. Taking place on the 2nd & 3rd of March 2022 at the Excel, London, the event is unmissable for all white label manufacturers and business owners who would like to discover the newest products […]


Adyen announced the launch of new tech hubs in Chicago and Madrid

The company’s technology teams continue building a global platform that meets the needs of its customers


The Middle Eastern country is equipping to turn into a worldwide crypto center 

UAE plans on issuing crypto licenses in a bid to embrace industry


NatWest is shutting 32 bank offices, including Royal Bank of Scotland branches

NatWest recognizes the importance of the digital market and embraces it


How to use Chrome Remote Desktop to access your computer

Here are some brief instructions

Finance & Economics

5 tips to succeed as a freelancer

Jean Hartley Content writer   Freelancing gives not only more flexibility, but also more responsibility. It’s very easy to get stuck in the routine of mediocre projects and endless search for clients. To get a good and high-paying job and avoid the mistakes that many beginner freelancers make, pay attention to these five tips. 1. […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Amazon acknowledges Visa cards in worldwide truce against charges

The three parties, including Amazon, Visa, and shoppers, positively react to the agreement


Automation is a cybersecurity plus, a moral quandary

Automation is one of the great bugbears of future generations – or so the media would have us believe. While it’s true that any job that can be automated, such as manufacturing tasks, will probably one day be given to computers in its entirety, the benefits of automation for the average person could be vast. […]