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People can now learn about blockchain by playing a game 

That’s an opportunity for people to understand how blockchain works in a fun way


People can now learn about blockchain by playing a game. Source:

OMC Group, the blockchain arm of AIO Synergy Holdings Berhad, has launched tradable blockchain game Omni Pets.

The game is using the ERC-721 open standard based on the Ethereum protocol that allows the creation of non-fungible unique tokens.

Owning an Omni Pet means owning a unique pet and collectible. It can be cared for and later traded through a secondary market like any collectible.

These digital pets emerge from 200 eggs released by the OMC Group every week. The value of spawned pets depends on whether they are categorized as diamond, gold, silver, or bronze. The eggs’ value is generated randomly and is not pre-determined.

Besides, OMC Group has created 11 categories of digital food that owners can purchase to feed pets with.

Players can buy the pets with the in-game currency, known as “gold coins” that is valued at $1 per gold coin. They can be purchased with Bitcoins, Ether, US Dollar Tether, and OMCoin.

We’ve reported that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has given national banks and federal savings associations the authority to provide crypto custody services for customers.


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