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Polish consumers unveil how they feel about retailers’ eco-behavior

The Chamber of Digital Economy surveyed 2,046 Internet users in Poland about green e-commerce



Polish consumers unveil how they feel about retailers’ eco-behavior. Source:

Ecommerce News reveals 3 out of 4 Polish consumers notice environmentally-unfriendly behavior of sellers when they’re shopping online. That includes the use of film for packing shipments, packing food products in plastic bags, and packing small products in too large packages with fillers.

The survey shows that 76% of people observed environmentally-unfriendly behavior of brands, shops, manufacturers and suppliers in Poland. The study also unveils that 31% of online shoppers are willing to pay more to those retailers who avoid packing products in foil or plastic bags.

Furthermore, 44% of online shoppers are ready to wait longer for their goods if that means the retailer will send all their products in one delivery. However, 32% of them are not willing to wait that long.

As to those who are willing to wait, most of them would wait 3 to 5 days for a parcel. Though, about a third of the shoppers give the supplier only 1 or 2 days of delay.

The study also reveals that 57% of Polish online shoppers use parcel lockers, which can be a great way to reduce the kilometers traveled by delivery vans. In addition to that, 76% of them say parcel lockers are a more ecological solution than ordering a courier delivery.


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