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Popular Polish marketplace launches its platform

Allegro sells over 70 million items per month

Polish marketplace

Popular Polish marketplace launches its platform. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Allegro has launched its own social website, called Allegro Gadane. It is more like a social platform for sellers and buyers to exchange opinions, ask questions, and solve problems.

Polish marketplace created the platform Allegro Gadane to enable users to share their knowledge, opinions, and questions regarding purchasing and selling on Allegro. The website is available for everyone, although people will need to create an account if they want to participate in a discussion.

Allegro Gadane is a new Allegro customer and client community service that you can use in many different ways: if you have questions or doubts about shopping or selling on Allegro, describe them and certainly, someone more experienced will help you. If you are an experienced seller yourself, if selling on Allegro has no secrets for you, share your knowledge with people less skilled than you by answering their questions. And if you just want to talk to other people who use Allegro – you’ll find quite a few here!
Maciej u015anieu017cek, community manager 

For now, the Allegro Gadane community consists of 2 categories divided into 3 forums. A category for sellers includes 2 forums: one for beginners and one for advanced sellers. The other category, aimed at buyers, only has one forum, about buyer discussions. The platform also has the Community Blog, with messages from the Allegro Gadane team.


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