Popular ride-hailing app offers a plenty of new features

The company improved driver app


Popular ride-hailing app offers a plenty of new features. Source:

Lyft announced many new features aimed at improving the drivers’ experience:

  • A default tipping option, including in-ride tipping for select riders in December with a broader rollout after the New Year. The default tipping option also ensures that the driver won’t miss out if a rider is in a hurry or forgets. When default tipping is selected, the rider’s pre-set tip percentage automatically applies to the driver’s earnings.

  • Lyft will help the drivers to protect the 5-star rating they got. The company will drop the single lowest rating for every driver, exclude low ratings for the stuff outside driver’s control, and default to a 5-star rating if a rider doesn’t rate the driver.

  • As 99% of Lyft drivers schedule driving around their jobs and other activities, driver app now displays all available bonuses, local events with plenty of potential riders, and a demand graph that shows the busiest hours of the day, and anticipated hourly demand for the entire week ahead.

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