Promoting ESG agenda: Google opens applications for circular economy accelerator

The new online-only accelerator is Google’s latest attempt to facilitate the growth of environmentally focused startups with its cloud-based products

Google circular economy

Google opens applications for a circular-economy accelerator. Source:

Google is launching an online circular economy startup accelerator. The 10-week program targets startups and non-profit groups in the Asia-Pacific region and North America, offering mentorship and technical support to those eco-conscious business teams. 

Applications for the accelerator opened on October 3. Eligible startups that focus on using technology to solve circularity challenges – reuse, refill, recycling, composting, fashion, food, safe and circular materials and the built environment – can apply until November 14. The program will start in February 2023. 

As with previous “Google for Startups”-branded accelerators, including its climate program that took place in 2022, the tech giant isn’t offering any capital through the program. 

One of the elusive terms on the ESG agenda, the circular economy represents a groundbreaking shift in the production and utilization of things. It offers an alternative where consumer items get reused, repaired and recycled over and over again. The concept has gained ground among experts, corporations and lawmakers in response to humanity’s ongoing waste and climate crises.

“Every year, humanity consumes far more than what the planet can naturally replenish. To create a circular economy that can be safer, sustainable, and more equitable for everyone, we need to rebuild our relationship with physical resources and how we make, process, use, and recycle them.”
Mike Werner
Lead for Circular Economy, Google Global Sustainability Team


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